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Thermapen: The High Performance Instant Read Thermometer

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Thermapen: The High Performance Instant Read Thermometer

Known as the Ferrari of thermometers the new Thermapen MK4  is the chosen temperature gauge of a long list of food celebrities including chef Thomas Keller,  Alton Brown, Christopher Kimball, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril, Rose Levy Beranbaum and Bruce Aidell.

Show biz endorsement aside, the Thermapen MK4  is a thermometer with some serious credentials. Building on previous model's reliability and market success this is the new improved Thermapen with a higher spec and performance. 

Check out it's functionality:

Think of the simplicity of previous models plus iPhone type technology where the thermometer screen adjusts itself depending on the angle that you are poking your targeted item, a screen that lights up when you are using it and turns off when you're not.

Not only that, but Thermapen’s temperature range is astounding, with a retractable probe measuring from minus 58 to 572 degrees. Such high upper ranges make it ideal for deep fat frying or sugar for candy making. What's more you can easily check your steak temperature with the refined pointy tip.

Most importantly and the judge of any good thermometer, is speed and accuracy. And rave reviews indicate this is the one thermometer that has both in bags. Price tag aside, the LA Times says ‘you’ll probably will never find a better thermometer than this.' 

David Hochman writing in Forbes this month writes,  'I got Thermapen and our cooking and baking life is finally perfectly calibrated. How many ways can a thermometer give you goosebumps? Here are a few: Thermapen looks amazing, first of all. If James Bond worked with liquid sugars, I assure you he’d wield this England-made ergonomic instrument with the flip-out steel probe.'  

Not only does the Thermapen work, it also looks good and is guaranteed to co-ordinate with your kitchen, coming in a range of 10 colors.

Photo: The Thermapen in action, say goodbye to guess work on thanksgiving turkeys this year.

Although the Thermapen MK4 has picked up a hefty price tag at $99, from reviews already in, it sounds like it's worth it. 

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