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World's Best Sushi Chef: Video Clip Released

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World's Best Sushi Chef: Video Clip Released

Recently we brought you the news of a new documentary following the life of one of the world's best sushi chefs, Jiro Ono. Called Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the documentary, by David Gelb, follows the work of Jiro Ono who runs a ten-seater sushi restaurant in the rather strange setting of a Tokyo subway station.

A video clip from the upcoming film has just been released and shows Jiro in action cooking and explaining the philosophy behind the way he serves his world famous sushi:

With on 10 seats in the restaurant, and a fierce reputation, sushi lovers from the world spend months waiting for a seat and shell out hundreds of dollars to try his food. The only restaurant of this kind to ever recieve three Michelin stars,  the film, released on 9th March in America, documents Jiro's history and what examines just what makes him such a good sushi chef. It also focuses on his son and heir to be, Yoshikazu, who is destined to forever live in his dad's sushi shadow.

Watching him taste fish, go to the markets and inspect every dish that leaves his kitchen with an eye for perfection - the documentary is a fascinating insight into the world of high-end sushi. As true lovers of anyone who dedicates their life to a passion or production of a certain food, we were blown away when saw Jiro's tale. We're yet to see the finished doc but from the trailer and the clips we have seen, this is a beautifully shot film, highlighting the work of a true food master. 

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