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Is This The World's Tiniest Sushi?

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Is This The World's Tiniest Sushi?
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Meet Hironori Ikeno, a Japanese chef making what is perhaps the world's tiniest sushi. In the video below you'll see how he crafts miniature sushi with just a single grain of rice, thinly sliced fish and a sliver of nori.

Ikeno told Reuters he first came up with the idea of tiny sushi a decade ago at his Tokyo restaurant, which is located in the  Nohachi district. It was intended as a joke but customers quickly caught on to the novelty.

The chef makes mini sushi mostly for children, couples and tourists but you can try your luck by asking for it when you visit. Ikeno's sushi may be bite size but a local patron says it's packed with flavor.

We've seen pretty cool sushi inventions, from the sushi bazooka to sushi cologne, but this itsy bitsy sushi is the biggest surprise yet. See for yourself:

Via Grub Street

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