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The Visual Recipe Book

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The Visual Recipe Book

Katie Shelly has created a new kind of recipe book that, instead of offering detailed written instructions on how to specifically make dishes like lasagna, draws out infographic style designs that break down dishes component by component.

Called Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat - the book shows off the extensive parts of recipe making with an idea to keep words to a bare minimum.

It may sound strange but when you see the recipes you quickly realize that this type of depiction of food preparation and cooking can make even the most complex recipe seem quite approachable.

Speaking about the book Shelly said: “One of my goals for this book is to encourage people to just let go of rigid kitchen rules and be loose and free about cooking. The charm of the illustrations is great for its own sake, but it’s also performing a real function in helping make cooking feel easy, lighthearted, and do-able."

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