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The Ultimate Chicken Roaster

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The Ultimate Chicken Roaster

There’s something truly wonderful about a perfectly roasted chicken, the juices that release when you cut, that crispy skin, it’s a true delight.

Anyone who has roasted a lot of chickens will know that one of the toughest parts is ensuring the dark meat cooks at the same time as the whiter breast meat. This can be a little tricky and is often why slices of bacon, or lots of butter, are layered on top to stop the white meat going dry.

With this exact problem in mind Williams Sonoma have created a unique chicken roaster that suspends the chicken upside down allowing the juices from the darker meats to run up the chicken and help to baste the white meat.

The device allows for ‘360° heat circulation’ and the makers promise it will cook a ‘uniformly succulent chicken’.

The Ultimate Chicken Roaster costs $29.95.

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