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The U.S. Olympic Team's Favorite Dish

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The U.S. Olympic Team's Favorite Dish
Photo The Kitchn

Can you guess the favorite dish of the U.S. Olympic team? After long hours of training, athletes are hungry for a delicious protein-packed meal. Their pick may come as a surprise.

The most popular dish at the U.S. Olympic complex in Colorado Springs is Thai chicken noodle soup. The hearty soup is full of nutrients and spice, which makes it the most popular dish at the dining hall, according toThe Kitchn.

The Thai chicken noodle soup is made with chicken breast and rice noodles and flavored with hoisin, soy and fish sauces. To make your very own Olympic Thai chicken noodle soup, follow the recipe provided by Terri Moreman, associate director of food and nutrition services at the U.S. Olympic complex.

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