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The Twisty Wine Cork

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The Twisty Wine Cork

It doesn't matter how good the products get there will always remain a sort of drink based snobbery when it comes to wines with twisty tops. A modern day invention, no where near vintage enough for any real self respecting grape, corks are just better - simple.

Which is why the next designers have tried to combine the best of both worlds by developing the twisty cork.

Called the Helix cork, it was spawned after a collaboration between the cork manufacturer Amorim and the bottle-maker O-I.

It's basically a regular cork top with the thread of a nail engraved into the design. Similar grooves are then engraved into the neck of the bottle allowing people to simple twist the cork out of their wine.

The best facet of the design is when it comes to storing half empty bottles. The corks simple screws back in creating a perfectly airtight seal which keeps the wine fresh for longer.





Via Food Beast

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