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The Sausage Gun

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The Sausage Gun

Making fresh sausage is one of those tasks that most home cooks avoid. Despite the fact they taste so great, the task of mincing and the even harder task of piping the sausage mix into the skin can be difficult to pull off.

That's why design student Iskander van Wagtendonk from the Design Academy in Eindhoven has developed the sausage gun.

Users take their minced sausage mix and place it inside the chamber, add the skin to the end and slowly push, or in this case shoot, the meat directly into the casing.

It looks like a simple device to use and could well mean that making sausage become a whole lot easier.  Wagtendonk is also the mastermind behind the chopping board briefcase, also featured on FDL.

Unfortunately his ideas are still in the concept stage of development but we hope to see some of them make it to market soon.

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