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Connect With Your Juicer

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Connect With Your Juicer

Sick of juicing lemons only to feel a little hollow on the inside afterwards? Tired of not gaining any real stimulation from the simple act of juicing? If so, you'll be glad to know that Brian Khouw has helped to fix the problem of feeling a lack of connection with your fruit.

He's invented the Plunge, an almost oyster shaped container with a large overhanging edge made hat allows the user to easily juice a fruit.

The idea comes from Khouw's urge to create products that allow people to feel a 'natural bond' to a product. By forcing the user to touch and feel the product while they're juicing the artist says that the design encourages a tactile stimulation in the user which makes them feel part of the experience.

As you can maybe tell from the opening paragraph, we're not so sure of the need to feel a tactile stimulation from or juicer, but we do love the design.

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