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The Modernist Vegetarian Cookbook

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The Modernist Vegetarian Cookbook

Modernist Vegetarian is a new eBook created by the vegetarian chef Eddie Shepherd who in 2009 was picked as the ‘Chef of the future' by the Cordon-vert cookery vegetarian culinary school. The ebook, which actually works more like a stand alone app with images and videos included, come packed with innovative vegetarian dishes from Shepherd.

Seared grapes, a butternut squash with nettles and watermelon glass are just a few of the stand out recipes. There's also a modern equipment section where the chef tackles the use of techniques such as Sous Vide cooking.

The pictures are amazing and the book features a truly innovative and interesting approaches to vegetables that would make even the most hardened meat eat eater consider taking the vegetarian option.

Here's a look at some of the amazing dishes.

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