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The Man Who Plays Beethoven on Wine Glasses

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The Man Who Plays Beethoven on Wine Glasses

Ever wanted to play a wine glass like the musician Robert Tiso in the video below? Now you can with these musical wine glasses that tell you exactly how much to fill each glass to form the perfect notes.

Now you can create the perfect scale and play your very own rendition of mozart on the wine glass. A great way to add some spice to a wine tasting session or a dinner party with friends. Robert Tiso has a number of videos on his Youtube channel playing a whole mix of music on his glass harp.

If you seriously fancy having a go at making your very own glass harp but don't want to buy the glasses here's a video showing you how to tune your very own at home. The video says it only takes around ten minutes but we guess around ten years before you can play as well as Robert.


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