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The Label That Decays With Your Food

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The Label That Decays With Your Food

Bump Mark is a new food label that allows visually impaired people to tell how long food has left before its sell by date.

All people have to do is run their finger over the label, if it’s smooth the food is fresh but if it’s bumpy then the food should be avoided.

It works with gelatine which is solid at the start but slowly reveals bumps as it decays, eventually turning to liquid when it has expired. Because gelatine is protein it decays at around the same rate as protein based foods.

Solveiga Pakštaité, who won the James Dyson award for the invention, said: “I am currently looking to commercialise this product and have started conversations with retailers and technology development companies, as well as having a patent pending for the design.”

There's also this interesting idea to have infographics on food labels. 

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