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The Faces of Food in Turkey

By FDL on

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The Faces of Food in Turkey

Depending on how you like to eat, food can be a faceless, soulless and emotionless plate, an ingredient shipped and packed from another country or a plate devised in a lab for perfect price, nutrition and taste. As you know, this is not how we like to eat at FDL HQ instead preferring to know our suppliers, producers and the chefs by name.

There's just something great about having a face to your food and fortunately this is a philosophy now shared by many people around the world, including the team at Perennial Plate.

They have created this beautiful video that focuses on the faces of Turkey, the market traders, workers, chefs and even cats that make up the country. It may not be solely food focused but it got us thinking in the office and we hope it does the same for you, enjoy.


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