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The Table That Forces Sharing

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The Table That Forces Sharing

The modern age has created personal bubbles for us, we can communicate all the time at the click of a button, or more commonly, the swipe of a touch screen. But for all the benefits of the modern world we live in, occupation, hard work and our ever growing slant towards individualism means the sharing things together, in the physical world is under threat.

We love sharing at FDL and especially when it comes in the form of food. A meal lovingly prepared for someone else is, after all, one of the ultimate acts of giving and we think one of the best things about the entire spectrum of food is this giving, sharing of ideas and the conviviality we all enjoy during a nice meal with family and friends.

That's why we think The Courtesy Table from Dutch designer Marleen Jansen is such a great idea. Designed to be weighted like a see-saw, the table require two people to dine before it actually functions. A simple way of encouraging shared meals and one that is unavoidable - there is no way one person could dine alone at this table and if you tried you certainly wouldn't do it with soup.

It's simple concept that's well executed and even if you can't imagine this in your kitchen - the message it gives us surely worth listening to. We also like the idea of an added level of communication between you and the person you're sitting with as you both naturally bop and sway to adjust to a balance that works for both of you.

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