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Skype a Top Chef into Your Home Kitchen

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Skype a Top Chef into Your Home Kitchen
Photo The Chef and the Dish

If you’re looking to impress at your next dinner party, but feel a book or video tutorial isn’t quite enough then perhaps it’s time to go one better and have the chef join you in real time.

No, we’re not talking about hiring a private chef as such. The Chef and the Dish is a new service that allows you to Skype a top chef for a one to one cooking class. Starting at $299, the classes connect you to chefs around the world, who can guide you step by step to how to make authentic and iconic local dishes, whether that be New Orleanian jambalaya, Japanese sushi or Sicilian caponata.

As peoples migrate, recipes can change, but The Chef and the Dish founder Jennifer Nicken wanted to create a service where home cooks can learn to make authentic dishes properly, to “Learn to cook authenticity,” she told us at the recent Seeds and Chips food innovation summit in Milan.

One of the chefs involved is Italian Paola Martinendi. She’s a graduate of the prestigious ALMA cooking school in Parma, Italy and has cooked in Michelin star kitchens. “People want to transport their kitchens,” she says. “Food is the foundation of every culture and cooking together is what makes us human.”

So when you need to impress, The Chef and the Dish could be the service for you. Whether you decide to tell anyone you had help is up to you.

Watch the video below for more information.

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