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Introducing the Chambong, the Novel Way to 'Neck' Champagne

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Introducing the Chambong, the Novel Way to 'Neck' Champagne
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If you've been struggling with Champagne's stuffy image and sipping rather than sculling the sparkly stuff then the Champagne shooter drinking vessel, simply known as the Chambong might just be the solution.

Shrugging off Champagne's traditional image of finesse and glamour, delicate sips and ritual toasts, the fun loving foursome that invented this new Champagne shooter are all about letting the good times roll.

Essentially a glass champagne flute that has been blown into the shape of pipe the Chambong allows drinkers to ‘down’ their glass of champagne or sparkling wine in next to no time.


Devised by a proclaimed group of artists, dancers, drinkers glass blowers, businessmen, scientists and friends back in 2014 the Chambong's entertaining marketing looks like it has caught the imagination of a new generation of Champagne drinkers.

The team's tongue in cheek website describes the noun 'Chambong' as "a device used for the rapid and enhanced experience of sparkling wine / champagne consumption. It’ll make you friends. Land you that big promotion. Fill the void. Mic drop. Walk off home run. Pick up mic. Crush karaoke. Make your parents proud."

The drinking instructions are simple: Simply tilt the Chambong at an angle to make a V shape, pour slowly leaving one inch empty at both ends, put mouth over stem and slowly lift and drink until empty.


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Chambong comes with one written disclaimer on the website:"The Chambong Facilitates The Rapid Consumption Of Sparkling Wine." So whether it is the novel design or the speed at which you you are downing your shampoo that makes you 'feel sparkling and happy' as the team claim, we think you probably already know the answer.

A Chambong costs $25 is made of high borosilicate glass and can hold 4 ounces . At the time of writing the initial batch of 3,000 Chambongs was sold out. Another batch is promised, along with Chambong accessories, like a handy holder.

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