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The Box That Lets You Play With Your Food

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The Box That Lets You Play With Your Food

It's a box for people who think outside the box. You twist it, turn it, poke it...all to enjoy a surprising treat inside.

This dramatic box was conceived by Finnish designer Saara Jarvinen to add a touch of fun and anticipation when opening food packages. She's dubbed her project The Grand Opening, a fitting name for a design that gives a whole new meaning to a jack-in-the-box.

Jarvinen explained her project was inspired by cinematic techniques:  ''Packaging has an extremely short life span compared to most products. In order to create a powerful experience, I wanted to consider this temporal aspect and make the most of a fast passing moment.''

''To achieve this, I studied how cinema uses time and motion.The key elements I found were confrontation, minimalist narration and suspense. I used these to create such a powerful moment of opening that it makes us stop and weigh the significance of the content. In my view this is important at a time when consumption is focused on necessities.''

Via Packaging Served

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