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The Bible of BBQ

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The Bible of BBQ

The Brazilian BBQ company Tramontina have gone the extra mile to try and prove to the world they have an extensive knowledge of the BBQ, and they’ve done it in a rather unique way.

To celebrate the mighty BBQ and also show off their skills and knowledge they made the Bible of BBQ - a book that’s designed to offer everything needed for the perfect BBQ, not in the form of tips and recipes but with pages of coal, foil, a page that contains salt for season and even a page that pulls out to become an apron.

The video below shows the book being unveiled as the first page is removed and crushed, forming the all important coal to fuel the BBQ. The man then takes the second page of the book which is actually a fire starter - you get the idea.

It’s a beautifully designed book and would make a great present for any true BBQ lovers. Unfortunately the company say there will only be simplified version sold in selected Brazilian bookstores.

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