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The $50,000 BBQ Boat

By FDL on

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The $50,000 BBQ Boat

How do you BBQ? Gas? Coal? One of those quick and easy disposable sets? Or what about a BBQ on your very own boat?

This design from Hammacher Schlemmer is a BBQ that comes on a boat or depending on how you look at it a boat with a built in BBQ. The boat can hold 10 adults and features a steel charcoal grill sunk into a table with built in plate holders.

We've seen some serious BBQ designs at FDL HQ but this one takes it to a whole new level. The ability to take your family and friends for a BBQ on a lake brings a whole new experience to barbecuing.

The boat is powered by an electric motor and gets around 8 hours use from a full charge of the batteries. It even comes with a retractable umbrella incase it rains during your grill time.

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