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Thanksgiving 911, from the Helpline to a Book

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Thanksgiving 911, from the Helpline to a Book

In a recent interview with, the New York Times food critic, Sam Sifton revealed that he was working on a book. Seeing as his job requires him to eat out at restaurants six nights a week, one would assume Sifton could easily write a best-selling restaurant guide book. But no, what inspired him was something else, entirely.

«For the last couple years I’ve spent Thanksgiving at the Times, answering reader questions online about Thanksgiving,» Sifton told Forbes staff writer, Monte Burke. «It’s taught me a lot about the holiday. So I’m writing a book about that, a book that will help save America from dry turkey and nasty stuffing. It’s about how to cook Thanksgiving correctly.»

Because, as anyone who’s ever played host or hostess at Thanksgiving know, things do tend to go wrong. Sifton has soothed, reassured, intervened and advised about the best way to handle burnt birds, lumpy gravy, drunk in-laws, finicky children and of course addresses the age-old debate: to brine or not to brine?

Set to come out in September 2012 with the title Thanksgiving 911 and published by Random House, we only have this year to get through before Sifton comes to our rescue!

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