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The Scanner that Tells You What's in Your Food

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The Scanner that Tells You What's in Your Food

Back in 2013 we wrote about a new technology from Tellspec that allowed you to scan food for it’s nutritional content, chemical composition, etc. and display the results via a smartphone app. The technology was originally conceived as a way to test for food allergens.

Well, it’s one we came across again at the recent Seeds and Chips food innovation summit in Milan, where Tellspec Founder and CEO Isabel Hoffmann took to the stage to speak about how the company’s products have progressed. The scanners, which start at $499 are described as the “first comprehensive solution for cloud-based spectroscopy” and according to Hoffmann, their scope is vast now: the data produced could be used to optimise and develop new farming operations, prevent the “distribution of contaminated raw materials” and improve food quality, for example, by testing the age and provenance of meat and fish (perhaps as a tool to tackle fish fraud?). 

Hofmann argues the award-winning products will “Bring about trust in food,” when most of us don’t trust it. It’s certainly an exciting technology and one to watch closely as it evolves.

Read more here and take a look at the video below.

A closer look at the internet of food

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