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Japanese Design: Amazing Handcrafted Tea Caddies

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Japanese Design: Amazing Handcrafted Tea Caddies

 In Japan the highest level of skills and crafts have been applied to everyday utilitarian objects, and, there were no exceptions for tea preparing - and their containers. In the edo era, chazutsu canisters were made from tin and were a commonplace means of storage for tea.

It was Kiyosuke, the founder of Kaikado company (established in 1875 in Kyoto), who first designed the tin tea caddy and made it into a commercially available item. Until today, each chazutsu, with its precise functionality, is made by hands.

Caddies (chazutsu containers) the double-walled construction guarantees excellent air tightness and will protect tea leaves from humidity whilst helping them to maintain their scent. in addition to being used for storing tea leaves, the caddies be used to hold a wide variety of foodstuffs.

They can also be used to store English or Chinese tea, as well as coffee, spices, and grain. After using the containers you will perceive a normal yet subtle change in the colour tone of the chazutsu: copper in 2-3 months, brass in 1-2 years and tin in 3-5 years.

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