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Royal recipes: 'A Taste of Mey' Cookbook

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Royal recipes: 'A Taste of Mey' Cookbook
Photo Emma Henderson_OctogenEm / Flickr

The Castle of Mey, on the coast of Cornwall, has been the holiday residence of the Royal Family, adored particularly by the Queen Mother Elizabeth who stayed in the estate until her last summer, in 2002. And it was in those very kitchens that her loyal chef Michael Sealey would plan and prepare the day’s menus, using recipes from English and Scottish culinary tradition.

The Queen Mother loved suggesting dishes, making note of the local vegetables, the smoked fish from the Scottish seas and locally-bred livestock. Her culinary passions were handed down to her daughter, Elizabeth II, her grandson Charles and her great-grandson, William.

Today, a book published in the U.K. records the memories and records from her stable hands, chefs and relatives (there’s even an introduction from Prince Charles) regarding mealtimes at the Castle. The dinners, the lunches, the inevitable tea time and the Queen Mother’s favourite dishes: picnics on the grounds, which were organized regardless of the weather. 

A Taste of Mey is has been the labour of love from The Castle of Mey Trust, which spent a year collection recipes and memories for the book. It can be ordered online from Express Bookshop, on the Castle of Mey's website  as well as on Amazon

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