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The Nordic Coffee Machine

By FDL on

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The Nordic Coffee Machine

The Nordic regions consume more coffee than anywhere else in the world per head and here's there latest coffee brewing gadget, the Svart Presisjon.

Coffee in the Nordic regions is big business, in fact, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland all sit in the top ten of for coffee consumption per person.

FDL tried some great Swedish slow brew ourselves recently when we visited a Swedish picnic at The Hedone restaurant in London and it seems that their lighter, more refreshing, less bitter, and much sweeter way of brewing is catching on. If this contraption is anything to go by, they're brewing in some pretty hi-tech ways.

Designed by Wilfa alongside the barista Tim Wendelboe this fancy looking contraption called the Svart Presisjon is an automatic filter coffee machine.

You fill the separate water containers and it slowly filters away leaving what Wndelboe describes as "really good coffee".

He also offers up some tips on how to a great cup of Nordic coffee:

     *Use traceable and freshly roasted and ground coffee of high quality.

     *Use clean fresh water with low mineral content (Tap water in Norway is perfect     
       in most cases)   

     * Use precise measurements. I recommend 60-70g per litre of water depending
      on how strong you want it. Use a scale to measure.

     * Make sure you grind the coffee to the right particle size. Too coarse will give
       you a watery and sour taste. Too fine will lead to bitter tastes.

  • MatteoFDL said on

    Hi Lucian, thank you for pointing out the error, it was quite funny actually :-)
    We have fixed it now.

    Fine Dining Lovers

  • Lucian Thorr said on

    I think you mean "contraption" not "contraception. Funniest typo of the day.

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