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Ms. Marmitelover, the Godmother of "Supper Club"

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Ms. Marmitelover, the Godmother of "Supper Club"

Although supper clubs historically are not new events the style of dining that takes place has changed somewhat. The original supper clubs where formed in America and referred to places a person could dine right through the evening, from a cocktail to appetizer to dinner. However, in recent years, the term has come to take on a new meaning and usually applies to people serving food to guests within their own home.

Kerstin Rogers is from England and writes under the name Ms Marmitelover - it is impossible to talk about supper clubs without mentioning Kerstin who is referred to by many as a major pioneer of the scene. A former NME rock photographer, she formed one of the first supper clubs in England, teaches workshops on how to set up your own club, runs a website dedicated to helping people find supper clubs in their area and most recently published a book, titled, yes you guessed it - Supper Club.

The book was published in April by Harper Collins and its full title is Supper Club. Recipes and notes from The Underground Restaurant. It offers advice for people on how to set up their own club, what to expect at a club, and a large selection of recipes from Ms Marmitelover's personal collection.

THE CLUB Ms Marmitelover’s Underground Restaurant
Kerstin's clubs are held Friday and Saturdays and menus are "pescatarian” (only fish and vegetables) using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Guests can even book a table within her summer house providing a cosy environment for private meals. There's a number of themed nights and there's even a supper club organised to coincide with the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

A video of one of Ms Marmitelover's underground restaurant evenings can be found here

Ms Marmitelover also blogs about a range of topics from writing about her clubs to interesting articles about her dining experiences away from the kitchen - a wide mix of articles and a great insight into the scene. Her posts can be found at her website link above.

The supper club fan group is an online community of clubbers and diners who want to learn more and, most importantly, find clubs close to them. With hundreds of clubs listed on the site, it is the one of the most extensive lists of Supper Clubs on the web.

You can purchase Supper Club: recipes and notes from The Underground Restaurant online here.

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