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This Adorable House Was Built For Storing Fresh Garlic

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This Adorable House Was Built For Storing Fresh Garlic
Photo Gygi

Where have you been storing fresh garlic? Do you keep in the fridge? Or worse, in a plastic bag or container where it collects moisture? You'll extend the shelf life of your bulbs if you let them breathe in a cool dark place.

You could store garlic in a cupboard but why not go for a more stylish route? Enter the Takenoko Garlic Keeper, a charming little ceramic 'house' that takes the guess work out of storing fresh garlic.

The Takenoko Garlic Keeper allows for proper air circulation and features a lid to keep odors from permeating your kitchen. The best part? It's cute enough to sit on your countertop where it'll surely gain admiration from guests. Find it over on Gygi where it is available in bold red or white colors. It retails for $13.99.

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