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11 Stocking Filler Ideas for Food Lovers

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11 Stocking Filler Ideas for Food Lovers

If you're looking for some small christmas gifts for the food lovers in your life, we've got you covered with this selection of tech, fun and useful gifts that will make the food lovers in your life light up this Christmas.

Fun Stocking Fillers for Foodies

1. Smart mug keeps coffee warm for up to 8 hours

Never come back to a cold cup of tea or coffee with this nifty invention that'll keep a brew warm for up to 8 hours.

Find out more here.

2. Avocado Sock Ripens Fruit in 24 Hours

Avocado fans need not suffer without ripe avocados any more. With this sock all it takes is one day, until you'll be happily mashing avocado onto toast.

Find out more here.

3. Sandwich Poster Charts 90 Fillings

This fun poster will make a fitting additon to food enthisiasts walls - with a whopping 90 sandwich filling variations to choose from, that's a lot of lunches sorted.

Find out more here

4. Where to Drink Coffee Guide to the World

With 600 coffee hot spots recommended in 50 coutries this should be the one essential travel companion for all coffee lovers.

Find out more here.

5. Stylish Espresso Spoon

Staying with the them of coffee perfection - if you've made the perfect espresso you'll need to keep the the crema intact to preserving the special notes of aroma and flavour. The Modishspoon is the new coffee spoon designed to do just that.

Find out more here.

6. Finger Spoon

Food science proves that food really does taste better when eaten with our fingers.

Find out more here.

7. Where Bartender's Drink

Globe trotters can rack up bar tabs in 750 spots across 60 countries with this indispensabel guide to finding the best watering holes in town when you arrive.

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8. 60 Second Salad Maker

Ok, so one for all the lazy home cooks out there. An all in one salad slicer saves on washing up. Just don't let anyone see you use it.

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9. Chocolate incense sticks

For all those chocoholics watching their waist line this Christmas, it's just as easy to get your fix by inhaling the sweet scent with these chocolate incense sticks.

Find out more.

10. Age your own wine

If you know someone that loves the taste of oaked wines let them experiment with this ingenious bottle what will age any alcohol from wine to grappa.

Find out more here.

11. New Michelin Guides for 2018

Pick up a 2018 Michelin Guide for any countries or cities you plan to visit next year and make sure you get the best table in town.

See them all here.


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