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Do You Prefer Your Coffee on the Dark Side?

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Do You Prefer Your Coffee on the Dark Side?

If you’re planning to stay up for an all night Star Wars seven episode marathon anytime soon, then we may just have the perfect piece of Star Wars memorabilia for you. Even if you’re not, this is a pretty cool piece of kit.

This official R2-D2 French press is available exclusively on pre-order from Think Geek (coming January 2017, so you could legitimately call it a late Xmas present), priced at $39.99, though only available in the US and Canada currently. It holds 32 ounces (just under a litre) of liquid, just enough coffee – possibly – to keep you going through The Phantom Menace.

No sound effects though unfortunately, which would have made this one hell of a toy. It may be worth getting it just to hold onto too, as Star Wars memorabilia tends to command a certain value, though possibly not with deep coffee ring stains on the inside. We bet these Star Wars fans would love to get their hands on one of these.

Now, do you like your coffee with cream, or do you prefer it on the dark side?

All images: Think Geek

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