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Star Trek Cookbook: Recipes from Captain Kirk

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Star Trek Cookbook: Recipes from Captain Kirk

Star Trek Cookbook. The official cookbook from Star Trek’s first chef (first edition Pocket Book, Simon & Schuster, 1999) is a treasure trove for “Trekkies”.

With more than 380 pages, the author Ethan Phillips – who played the character of Neelix, the cook on the spacecraft USS Voyager, the legendary ship under the command of Captain Kirk – has collaborated with William J. Birnes, the co-author of the best-seller The Day After Rosewell for a truly special joining of science-fiction forces.

The recipes range from Captain Kirk’s Plomeek Soup to Vulcan Apple Pastry, to Dr. Crusher’s Cure-all for Insomnia to Jimbalian Seven-World Omelette to The Lost recipes of Talax. All you need to make these at home is a bit of courage and a rather sturdy digestive system.

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