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This White Shirt is Red Wine-Proof

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This White Shirt is Red Wine-Proof

Why is it that the best things in life not only stick to your waistline, but also end up all over your shirt? Even the tidiest of diners sometimes brings home a souvenir of a good meal on their clothing – a splash of red wine, a dollop of sauce.

Well now, you need not worry about ruining that crisp white shirt, as a Dutch company has created one they say is stain and odour resistant, whilst also breathable and stylish.

Labfresh’s men’s double threaded INDUO cotton shirts, which come in white or blue currently, have a patented technology that stops liquids and bacteria from binding to the cotton fibres, so stains can be easily rinsed off with water. They have been proven to repel some of the most common dining stains, including red wine, olive oil and ketchup, the makers say.

Comprised of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, the shirts are no part-polyester nightmare either, and Labfresh also produce a range of ties, so no need to return from your lunchbreak with a tie that’s been dipped in whatever you ate like some sort of crudité.

Labfresh are currently funding their range of products via Kickstarter, with shirts priced at €99 (£85/$104) and have already smashed their campaign target, so expect to see hordes of white shirted men laughing off catastrophic red wine spillages in a restaurant near you soon.

Watch it in action below.

Chefs needn’t feel left out – remember this range of stain resistant chefwear from last year?

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