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This Gadget Turns Real Butter Into an Instant Spray

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This Gadget Turns Real Butter Into an Instant Spray
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Here’s a great spray butter gadget that makes slathering butter over everything, as we like to do, that little bit easier.

Pop a butter stick in the top of the Biēm (pronounced “beam”) butter sprayer and the churned gold is turned into a fine spray butter mist to coast pans, vegetables or to get that all over deep colour to your grilled cheese sandwich.

The idea is to use less butter, but we can see ourselves spraying it on pretty much everything now – or perhaps directly into our mouths like some sort of buttery breath freshener?

The butter is heated inside the device, creating roughly a quarter of a teaspoon of butter per spray. You can also fill it with oil or, whisper it, margarine too.

The first run of the Biēm has sold out (at $129.99). No word on new stock yet, but take a look at it in action below and head on over to the website for more info.

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