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More than a Chopstick - More than a Spoon

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More than a Chopstick - More than a Spoon

Noodles are lovely, in fact there's no nicer pleasure than a hot steaming bowl of chili beef ramen but what can be annoying is when you get to that point in the bowl when you have more liquid than noodle and the chopsticks are no help.

It's custom in Japan to slurp the noodles and the sauce into the mouth - holding the bowl cloth to the move and shoveling with the chopstick and although no one bothers with this out there - making that much nose at the dinner table in the western world is often frowned upon.

The last thing anyone wants to do is leave all the lovely noodle broth which is why the designer Aïssa Logerot developed the Spoon More, a chopstick/spoon creation that allows people to easily switch between the two.

The spoon can also be used separately as a small dish for dipping sauce - genius.


Via The Designer Pad

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