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Spoiler Alert App Helps Cut Food Waste

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Spoiler Alert App Helps Cut Food Waste

Spoiler Alert is a new app that aims to make it more simple for companies to donate surplus food instead of letting it go to waste.

With new laws now passed in France stopping supermarkets dumping edible foods and a similar law being pushed across Europe, these types of apps are coming at just the right time.

At the moment it’s only available in the New England region of America but the company are looking to expand through the U.S.

It works by simply connecting businesses to organisations that redistribute food, charities, soup kitchens and other such organisations. If food is past the point of edible the app can also be used to connect businesses with places that create animal feed or fertiliser.

The app offers a clever service that taps into an issue more and more business are tackling, especially as more and more consumers start rewarding these types of practices with their business.

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