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A Spiral Wine Cellar To Enjoy Wine... From The Floor

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A Spiral Wine Cellar To Enjoy Wine... From The Floor
Photo Spiral Cellar

It is an invention for wine lovers that seems straight from a spy novel: a spiral wine cellar secretely located underneath your kitchen. How do you access it? Through a trap door, of course!

The Spiral Cellar is an eco-friendly design that is sunk right into the ground anywhere in your home. It uses the earth to insulate and does not require power to create the ideal temperature for wine storage. Wine is keep at an ideal temperature of 55 degrees Farenheit (about 13 degrees Celsius) and you can access it by lifting the trapdoor and walking down the spiral staircase.

This unique wine cellar was designed by a Frenchman back in 1978. The inventor realized that wine lovers needed more space to store their wine because few modern houses had wine cellars. So he designed the Spiral Cellar, which only takes up a fraction of the space used in a traditional wine cellar.

The Spiral Cellar can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 1,600 bottles and can be covered by a glass, wooden or metal trapdoor. As you can imagine, not just anyone can afford to buy this extraordinary wine cellar. The cost of purchase and installation is £30,000.

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