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Fed up with Noisy Restaurants?

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Fed up with Noisy Restaurants?
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Dining out can be a noisy experience, and sometimes you want it to be. But not always. Not when you're out for a business tete a tete, a relaxed, romantic evening, catching up on gossip or are just hard of hearing. But it doesn't have to be.

If you're fed up with trying to make yourself heard against the backdrop of restaurant hubbub, it's time to locate some quieter dining spots with a helping hand from the app SoundPrint. Think "Yelp" for noise.

The app is the brainchild of founder and hard of hearing Gregory Scott, who struggled to connect with his fellow diners in noisy restaurants and started keeping a log of "quiet spots" to share with his friends.

SoundPrint now covers over 2000 cities, including NYC, Chicago, Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans and encourages users to submit their findings. 

The app has an internal decibel meter which measures the actual noise level of any venue, which is then submitted to a SoundPrint database that anyone can access to find out if a given venue is quiet, loud, or very loud. Diners can take their own measurements using smartphones and upload them to a database. So far, there are over 60,000 restaurant submissions.

In an age of trendy industrial design restaurant interiors, hard edges, pared-back interiors and sound systems, it's time to re-discover the quieter spots, for when you need to speak and be heard!

And, it if helps, a new International Standard for restaurant soundscapes has also been introduced, which will help restaurants navigate the noise problem better. Read more about that here.


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