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Creating Sound Effects with Vegetables

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Creating Sound Effects with Vegetables

Using vegetables to make sound is not just something that the vegetable orchestra do - vegetables are in fact used for many of the movie sound FX you hear every time you watch a movie - especially the gory ones. 

In Ric Viers the sounds effects bible - seen by many in the sound design industry as a must have resource, there is an entire chapter dedicated to the use of fruit and vegetables for creating realistic sound FX.  Although not taken from the bible here's just a few uses for vegetables as sound FX. 

Bones Cracking  

A cringe worthy sound that seems to represent the real thing - often found in horror movies and is actually made by snapping vegetables - Carrots, leaks any hard veg that can be ripped and torn will create sound effects that sound likes bones breaking although leaks are the professional sound designers veg of choice. 

To listen to an example click here

Stab wound 

Melons are very good tools for creating the sounds of ripping flesh and are often used in movies to recreate the sound of stab wounds . Any vegetable that is easily penetrated can create a similar sounds. 

To listen to an example click here


Any veg or fruit can be used for this, oranges, apples, tomatoes hit with a hammer will create a high impact sound and one that features in many movies. The splatter sound is , unfortunately, never attached to nice scenes but listen carefully next time you're watching a gory scene and you may just notice the work performed by the sound designers. 

To listen to an example click here

All the samples came from the the sound library featured on the website


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