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Sonic Decanter - Make Wine Taste Better with Sound Energy

By FDL on

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Sonic Decanter - Make Wine Taste Better with Sound Energy

It might sound totally crazy but the makers of this device and the app it comes with, claim that it can help make wine taste better.

By developing a system called the Sonic Decanter the company claim that their device can modify the process of wine to soften tannins, make wine taste better and increase aroma.

Cold tap water is placed inside the device which is used to transmit sound wave energy inside the bottle of wine- the makers claim that this energy helps to remove oxygen and sulfur dioxide from the wine while encouraging a similar process that takes place when wine is left to age.

They say that in 20 minutes the device can work to make any wine taste better, even one that has already been opened.

The company behind the Sonic Decanter are now looking to raise enough funds on Kickstarter to take their product to market, watch this space.

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