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'Somabar,' The Revolutionary Robotic Cocktail Maker

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'Somabar,' The Revolutionary Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Enjoying a lovely cocktail after a long day is the perfect way to unwind but sometimes you are too tired to make it to a bar or mix yourself a drink. So what happens then? That's when you are better off owning the Somabar, a robotic cocktail maker that will revolutionize the way you drink.

This countertop device is to cocktails what a Keurig machine is to coffee. It's an automated bartender that crafts cocktails in less than five seconds and eliminates the need for dealing with a shaker, bar spoon, measuring cup or recipes.

While the world has its fair share of talented bartenders and mixologists, the Somabar offers unparalleled convenience. The system can be controlled by an app on your smart phone so yout drink is ready when you need it the most. Users simply have to fill 'Soma pods' with their preferred liquor and select a cocktail via the app.

The Somabar robotic cocktail maker already received more than $300,000 in funding, that's six times its original Kickstarter goal. It was developed by Dylan Purcell-Lowe and Ammar Jangbarwala and is currently in the production stages. Here's a look at how it works:


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