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This Garden Table Features a Solar Powered Stove

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This Garden Table Features a Solar Powered Stove

Forget firing up the BBQ the next tine the sun is shining and instead cook your food using the solar energy.

That’s the idea behind SUNPlace - a garden table and grill that is heated thanks to a lens that strengthens the solar rays of the sun.

The table comes with a series of seating and a a set of cast iron tools to flip the food you cook directly under the sun.

The makers say the grill table and tools all reach very high temperatures sitting under the sun and provide a set of heat resistant gloves for those manning the solar stove.

At the moment the idea is just in the prototype stages of design but the duo behind the idea, Lanzavecchia + Wai, say they hope to bring their zero emission cooking idea to a garden near you very soon.

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