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Snake Venom: World's Strongest Beer at 65.7 ABV

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Snake Venom: World's Strongest Beer at 65.7 ABV

Regular beer just not strong enough for you? Prefer supping on something that's around 11-times stronger than a regular beer, a tipple to instantly make your toes curl and put great clumps of ginger man hair on your chest, back and face? If so, you're probably crazy enough to sample Snake Venom, a new drink that's billed as the world's strongest beer.

At 65.7 ABV the brew clocks in higher than your average whiskey - and most on-the-shelf anti-freezes - and, apparently, there's actually some demand for a beer that's strong enough to instantly kill a Hobbit.

It was developed by the Scottish company Brewmeister who decided that their Armageddon drink, already 65 ABV and classed as the world's strongest, just wasn't quite kicking it.

The brew's ferocious strength comes from mixing beer and champagne yeast and a technique called freeze distillation, a process that freezes fermented beer and removes the leftover ice to leave a super concentrated brew. It's seems there's actually some appliance of science gone into making the crazy concoction, not just something banged out in a university lab by two drunk chemistry students.

Fortunately it's not available at your local corner shop and at $81 for a 275 ml bottle it's not the type of drink you order every day. If you're brave enough to sample it, even after seeing the promotional picture of the two, fly catching, geniuses who brewed it, then you can order online, alternatively, you could just have a pint of paint stripper - it's probably more manageable.

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