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Snail Caviar is the Next Best Thing

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Snail Caviar is the Next Best Thing
Photo La Lumaca Madonita/Facebook

Looking to indulge in something exquisite this holiday season? Pair your glass of bubbly with snail caviar, the latest delicacy to come from Italy.

Italians and other Europeans have long enjoyed snails (escargot, anyone?) but this particular type of caviar is quite an innovation. It is produced by a Sicily-based startup called La Lumaca Madonita run by Davide Merlino, Michele Sansone and Giuseppe Sansone, three friends who have more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural field.

Ordinarily, snails eat leaves but Merlino and his crew use a "vet-approved" cereal-based diet that helps the snails grow faster, facilitating the production of eggs (aka caviar), according to Yahoo! News.

image via La Lumaca Madonita/Facebook

So what does snail caviar taste like? Unlike traditional caviar, which has a pleasant fishy flavor, the snail variety reportedly tastes "earthy" with "hints of grass and mushrooms."

A 50g jar of their exquisite snail caviar sells for a whooping 80 euros ($86). If you are not into it yourself you can always present it as a gourmet foodie gift to your gracious host. 

Via Yahoo! News

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