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Future Kitchen Tables will Teach us All How to Cook

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Future Kitchen Tables will Teach us All How to Cook

Concept Kitchen 2025 is Ikea’s look at what the kitchen of the future might involve with smart tables that help people cook, clever storage units that display ingredients in a much more visual way and faster more efficient ways to reduce waste and increase recycling.

If the Swedish furniture giant get their way, it seems the future will offer us tables that actually help us when cooking.

Through what seems like augmented reality, though Ikea are calling it Smart Light, the idea is that table actually guides people through a recipe while utensils and cookware display information about food such as temperature or remaining cooking time.

It’s all very Minority Report but that’s the point. Take a look at the table in action below, would you want it in your home? What about inside a professional kitchen?

Whirlpool are also working on a similar concept that you can see in this video.

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