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This New Smart Fridge Can Order Your Groceries for You

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This New Smart Fridge Can Order Your Groceries for You

It's finally here, the revolutionary fridge that promises to do it all, from making your shopping list and ordering in your groceries to helping you out with recipe selection and 're-connecting' your family. Named the 'Family Hub,' Samsung unveiled their new savvy fridge at the January 2016 Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas to a warm response.

Using cutting edge technology the futuristic fridge comes with the addition of a giant Wi-Fi touchscreen attached to the door that lets you connect with your family, manage food, and even entertain by linking up with other household smart devices, including your TV.

Engadget walk us through the incredible fridge functions:

Open the fridge up, and you'll find one of its most impressive features - a hidden set of cameras which will take snapshots of your groceries inside the fridge each time you close the doors. When you're out grocery shopping simply open up Samsung's app on your smart phone and you'll get the most recent pictures from inside your fridge to check what you're running low on. 

Don't want to go the supermarket? No problem, the refrigerator will order what you need. Loaded with a shopping app the fridge is already connected to a couple of retailers, with more planned for the future.

If you think this is what your family has been waiting for the fridge is expected to retail at $5,000 (about £3,370) and should be available for purchase in Spring 2016.


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