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Smart Fork Aims To Help You Eat Less

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Smart Fork Aims To Help You Eat Less
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It could very well be a dieter's dream come true: a smart fork that magically alerts you when you overeat. The HAPIfork does just that.

This electronic fork is connected to the Internet and designed to help you lose weight by eating slower. It works by monitoring your eating habits via a Wi-Fi enabled app and automatically vibrates when you eat too fast or too much.

HAPIfork was invented by Jacques Lepine and unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. ''We know that overeating is unhealthy, it contributes to obesity...I decided I might be able to solve the problem with the fork,'' said Lepine, head of the French-based startup Slowcontrol.

So far, the HapiFork will debut in the United States in April. If you are not big on self disclipine or good at identifying when you are full, this fork may very well be the best $99 you ever spend. 

If you want the full set, you can also order the HAPIspoon. However, there is one catch to it: the electronic utensils won't track your eating habits if you chew with your mouth open. We dare you to show up at one of the world's 50 best restaurants with it...

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