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The New Knife that Claims to Stay Sharp Forever: Kytcho

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The New Knife that Claims to Stay Sharp Forever: Kytcho

New knife technology just keeps on coming, and the latest addition to the collection is the new USA made Kytcho knife that claims to stay sharp forever.

30 prototypes in the making the new Ultra Nano Tech, Kytcho "sets a new standard in sharpness of kitchen knives" as well as taking the title of the sharpest knife ever mass produced according to the team behind it.

Apparently the magic is all down to the particle size of the material "ultra nano zirconia" used to make the blade which allows for greater sharpness and durability and less brittleness than can be found in ceramic knives.

The knife has already secured its funding target on crowd funding site Kickstarter, with the expected retail price of 69€, approx $76.

Blinded by science or a genuine contender for your top kitchen drawer? We'll let you be the judge. Here's more details from the team behind it ...


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