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Concept: Microchips on the Head that Allow You to Taste Memories

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Concept: Microchips on the Head that Allow You to Taste Memories

Here’s a totally wacky concept submitted as part of the Electrolux Design Lab competition that will allow consumers to eat one food but taste something totally different.

The idea of tricking the brain with something like augmented reality, so a user eats a carrot but sees a fry, already exists but this concept takes straight into the world of sci-fi by accessing a person’s flavor memory and tricking the brain into thinking that’s what they’re eating.

Called Set to Mimic, the basic idea is a set of kitchenware that can links directly to a users brain by, as Sorina Răsteanu, the creator of the concept, puts it: “placing a noninvasive transparent gel patch with a microchip on your head”.

She explains that through the microchip, “the plate and glass communicates wirelessly with your brain, to make you experience a taste or smell from the past by tapping in to your memory. That way you can eat a carrot but have the impression that you're eating an ice cream or a steak, which makes it easier to lead a healthy life.”

There’s no details given as to the mechanics of exactly how Răsteanu expects the device to access memories of flavour in the brain and, as of yet, this technology seems a long way off. Who knows if this is exactly how we’ll help maintain a healthy diet in the future, would you allow a microchip to control what you tasted?

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