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Check Out This Cool Seaweed House

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Check Out This Cool Seaweed House
Photo Dezeen

Architects have found a clever use for that tasty nori in your sushi. They've taken seaweed out of the kitchen and used it to build a house in Denmark.

Although it may seem odd to build a house with seaweed, this was once a common technique used in the Danish island of Laeso.  The tradition was almost forgotten until Realdania Byg, a local non-profit organization, reignited the passion for sustainable construction.

With the help of architecture firm Vandkunsten, builders were able to construct a wooden houswe with seaweed insulation. Rolled seaweed also dots its facade. From a distance, the house looks like a regular log cabin but up close one can admire the nuances of the dried seaweed, which seem to perfectly blend into the surrounding forest.

Seaweed makes for an ideal construction material as it is non-toxic and fireproof, Realdania Byg's Jorgen Sondermark told Dezeen.

"It reproduces itself every year in the sea, it comes ashore without any effort from humans, and it is dried on nearby fields by sun and wind. "It insulates just as well as mineral insulation...and it has an expected life of more than 150 years!"

Images via Dezeen

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