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Scott Hove's Current Exhibitions

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Scott Hove's Current Exhibitions
Photo Scott Hove

Scott Hove is one of the featured artists in an exhibition currently underway in Paris, at the Musée Saint Halle in a beautifully curated group show entitled Hey! Moderne Art & Pop Culture. A solo show is coming up, too, at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles (6-29 April), where he will try out his most recent version of the Cakeland hall of mirrors, a larger and more easily transportable version of the Cake Vault.

He’s chosen to focus on the Cakeland project because he thinks that experimenting with new and non-traditional media is one of the great joys of doing sculpture. He uses carve-able polyurethane foam for the form, acrylic media for the frosting and plastic fruits and taxidermy animal jawsets (yes, you read correctly).

«Cakeland is an artificial representation of a place that you can in fact inhabit in your own personal way, like a dream. The Cakeland project, and the craft of cake decoration, are especially satisfying for a number of reasons. The repetition, tradition, and the unending design potential keep it very exciting. There are a lifetime of techniques to master... And my viewers have a very joyfully perplexed response, and that gives me a sense that they are being reached, and I am being heard. That is important to any working artist.»

Scott Hove has just closed a new show in San Francisco at Modern Eden Gallery, Your Deadly Desserts. All his new creations were on display, celebrating the artificial and reminding us of our tendency to embrace the artificial in order to feel safe or receive emotional gratification.

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