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Scarcastic Fortune Cookies

By FDL on

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Scarcastic Fortune Cookies
Photo iLL Fortune

Fortune cookies are known for their Chinese proverbs, but what if a fortune cookie insulted you instead? That's the idea behind iLL Fortune Cookies, which deliver scarcastic messages like ''Be proud of yourself. It's not easy being a troll.''

Produced in California, iLL Fortune Cookies are meant to be a conversation starters, not just the end to a Chinese meal. Marketed as ''fortune cookies for the brave,'' each cookie reveals ridiculous messages like ''A turkey is not meant to be consumed in one sitting. Fatty'' and ''Your identity will never be stolen. It has no appeal.''

While some may not find this black humor funny, the scarcastic fortune cookies are becoming popular. They are sold in Chinese take-out boxes. A box of 20 cookies sells for $15.



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