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Richard Sapper: "Time establishes the true quality of an object"

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Richard Sapper: "Time establishes the true quality of an object"

“My thought process generally starts from a problem, from something that seems to me to be missing”: with this idea in mind German designer Richard Sapper realized what he missed while carrying out the household task he was daily in charge of. He was grating cheese for the whole family but he felt unease: he needed a bigger grater from the ones usually sold, a kitchen utensil fitted for a big man like him.

The inspiration for Todo, the giant cheese and nutmeg grater Sapper designed in 2004 for Alessi, the iconic design factory, came from his very own personal experience grating copious amounts of cheese for family dinners: “I am always interested in doing something new – the designer commented – in adding to our everyday utensils something new which can be useful or make sense”.

Time is one of the few things that may ultimately establish the true quality of an object.
Richard Sapper

Made in steel and wood,Todo grater has a truncated cone shaft exceptionally long (almost half a meter) and can grate enough cheese to satisfy the requirements of a portion with a simple stroke. A type of object to exhibit on the table or in the kitchen, boasting at the same time a precise, state-of-the-art functional performance that turns one boring culinary operation into a playful and expressive gesture: “I am totally against form simply for the sake of form itself – the German designer stated – for me, form is a consequence of the inner life which an object must have”.

Born in Munich, in 1932, Richard Sapper is considered one of the most important and representative designers of his generation. He studied Philosophy, Anatomy, Graphics, Engineering and Economics; he won the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) ten times, the first and most recognized Italian award in the field of industrial. He’s one of the designers who have been with Alessi the longest, creating several innovative and iconic kitchen utensils.

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